Made at AW: Halvor Lines Conference Table

What do you do when you want to impress a new employer? Well of course you build them a new conference table. That’s exactly what our buddy Scott did! But it couldn’t just be an ordinary table, it had to have it’s own custom flair to it. The wood is... read more

Cell Phone Holder

I don’t know why, but I wanted a cell phone holder. There’s nothing wrong with just laying your phone on the desk next to you, but one day I decided that wasn’t good enough anymore. So, with a chunk of walnut, a new cell phone stand was created. Not... read more

Made at AW: Tim’s Chessboard

I am not a chess player. I have only played one game in my entire life and it was against a kid who knew how to play it very well. The game was over before it really even began and went something like this: ME: Can I move this piece here?  KID: No.  ME: How about... read more

Three-Tiered Planter

Spring is here! Well, it’s supposed to be here. It still is a tad chilly in Minnesota, but according to the calendar, spring is officially here. So what do people do in the spring? Well, there are the common activities, ride bikes, clean the houses, chase those... read more

The Makers: John Malecki

What do you do after you play in the NFL? You start making things of course! That’s exactly what John Malecki did. After playing four years for the Pittsburgh Steelers, John need something to keep him busy, and working with his hands was the perfect fit. John... read more

Made at American Workshop: James’ Chairs

A wide variety of projects are made at American Workshop. Seeing the creativity flow through the building is one of the best parts of being at the shop. One of the most time consuming projects that has come through the shop are these chairs that our member, James, has... read more

The Makers: Ben Napier

Ben Napier is a lucky man. Not only does he run a successful woodworking shop (Scotsman Co), but he also gets to work side by side with his wife, Erin. Together, they create and sell some of the coolest products in woodworking, stationary, and really all things... read more

Geometric Mini Planters

How cute are these?? I made my first set of these geometric mini planters about a year and a half ago, when I first started working at American Workshop.  They said, “Come up with a project that we can turn into a class,” and I hopped on Pinterest to see... read more

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table

I needed a change. When my wife and I got married, we bought a lot of new furniture for our first home. We had a new couch, a new chair, and a new dining room set. But, we kept one thing from my wife’s college dorm room…her coffee table. The coffee table... read more

West Elm-Inspired Cubby Shelf

I have a confession.  Are you ready?  Not all of our woodworking projects are original ideas.  Case in point: this cubby shelf. The good news is, we know a good idea when we see one.  So when we came across Jen Woodhouse’s plans for this West-Elm knockoff, we... read more

Woodworking 101: The Cutting Board

The most common phrase we hear around here is, “I would love to learn woodworking, but I have no idea where to start.” My answer?  Start with a cutting board. A small cutting board or cheeseboard is the perfect project for beginner woodworkers.  It’s... read more

5 Reasons To Work With Your Hands

It seems like everyone makes a New Years Resolution. Whether it’s losing weight or quitting smoking, everyone feels that the new year is the perfect time to start a life-altering path. It’s also a good time to start a new hobby like woodworking or DIY... read more