I am not a chess player. I have only played one game in my entire life and it was against a kid who knew how to play it very well. The game was over before it really even began and went something like this:

ME: Can I move this piece here? 
KID: No. 
ME: How about here? 
KID: No.
ME: Well what about here? 
KID: Yes.
*Moves piece to the spot*
*Kid moves his piece*
KID: Checkmate!

ME: Dangit!
*Flips chessboard in disgust and walks away* 

Even though I am not a chess player, I can appreciate the game and I certainly can appreciate a handmade chess board like the one Tim made at the shop recently.

The design is fantastic! It may be hard to see but two of the square pieces are actually part of the base, which is how the chessboard part is attached. The rest of the board was carefully put together in a super-human test of patience. Seriously, I’m glad there are guys like Tim out there who have enough patience to build projects like this for all of us to marvel at; cause I sure know that I don’t the patience.

If you want to see this chessboard in person, you’re in luck. Tim is going to be displaying this project at the Northern Woods Show in Eden Prairie, MN at the end of the month. The show is at the Eden Prairie Center and is free to attend. Just make sure you bring a rag because most of the woodworkers don’t appreciate you drooling on their projects…not that I know from first hand experience or anything.