How cute are these??


I made my first set of these geometric mini planters about a year and a half ago, when I first started working at American Workshop.  They said, “Come up with a project that we can turn into a class,” and I hopped on Pinterest to see what I could see.  And what I saw was a set of geometric mini planters even mini-er than these, each made out of a single chunk of 1.5″x 1.5″ wood and then painted with stripes.

And I thought, paint?!  We don’t need no stinkin’ paint.  And also, where do you find succulents that small?



So I came up with these.  At 3″x3″, they’re perfect for those little 2″ succulents that are so trendy right now that you can buy them at the garden center of your local home improvement store.  And I know it seems like I say this about every project, but that doesn’t make it less true for this one: you won’t believe how easy these planters are to make.  We made ours out of scrap wood, and it only took about half an hour, if you don’t count waiting for glue to dry.

If you want to make your own set of geometric planters, you’ll need a few pieces of wood cut to 3″x9″.  The thickness of each piece doesn’t matter much, as long as the total thickness of all your pieces added together is 3″.  Here’s how it goes:

  1.  Glue up your layers and allow them to dry for at least 60 minutes.
  2.  Clean up the sides of your block.  Use the belt sander on the long sides and the miter saw on the short sides.
  3.  Divide your block into 3 equal cubes, and mark the center of the top of each cube.
  4.  Drill 2-1/2″ deep holes in the center of each cube with a 2-1/8″ Forstner bit.
  5.  Cut your block into 3 cubes, using the miter saw.
  6.  Mark your corners for cutting.  Mark 1″ in from every single corner, and use a straightedge to connect the dots.
  7.  Use the bandsaw to cut the corners off, following the lines you marked.
  8.  Use the belt sander to clean up your corners.
  9.  Hand-sand with 180-grit or higher, then finish with polyurethane or Polycrylic.

Still not convinced it’s that easy?  Let us show you!  A year and a half after I made the originals, we’re finally offering a class — and it’s free!  Come on in Saturday, March 12 at 10:00am for a free demonstration.  We’ll answer all your questions and give you the plans.  Plus we’ll have coffee.  And popcorn.  But space is limited, so sign up to reserve your spot!


See you on the 12th!