It seems like everyone makes a New Years Resolution. Whether it’s losing weight or quitting smoking, everyone feels that the new year is the perfect time to start a life-altering path. It’s also a good time to start a new hobby like woodworking or DIY projects. Working with your hands is a dying art form but at the same time, is still loved. If you give someone a handmade gift, they will treasure it forever. So why not learn to work with your hands? Here are 5 reasons to consider taking up this highly addicting and extremely satisfying hobby.



Don’t get me wrong, you will spend money on this hobby (like all hobbies), but in the long run, if you learn to build and fix things with your hands, you will ultimately save money. If you see a nice piece of furniture in a store, you can assume that half of the cost of that piece is labor. On average you can save 30-50 percent on furniture if you build it yourself. Plus, you know that it will be built to your exact measurements and your standards.



Here’s a scenario for you: You have a new born baby at home. You want to give your new born a handmade gift so it will be memorable, but you have never made anything before. So you find some plans to build a simple baby toy. You complete the project and realize something; you really enjoyed making that toy. Yeah it didn’t turn out exactly how you planned, but the build was a lot of fun. You want to keep going and make more. That’s exactly what happened to me. That’s how I got started. I learned something that I never new about myself…that I actually liked working with my hands. And now I’m honing my skill and building more advanced projects. And with every project my confidence builds, which leads to my next point.



There really is no better feeling than completing a project that you designed and built from the ground up. Even my smallest projects give me a huge sense of accomplishment and pride when I look at them. When I built my coffee table (pictures coming soon), I took a step back and realized that there is no other coffee table in the world just like this one in front of me. Yes there may be some that look similar but no other coffee table has my blood, sweat, and tears in it like this one. *Side Note: I didn’t actually bleed, sweat, or cry on my coffee table, but you get my point.



It’s no secret that you take care of things better when they mean a lot to you. When you build a project, you will know every part of that project inside and out. You will know how many coats of finish you put on it, or how a corner piece was cut. Because of that, you will have a better understanding of your belongings and yes, to a degree, you will have a connection with your belongings. The same goes for if you fix things around your home. When you are done fixing anything, you will have a much better understanding how it was built or how it works thus creating a connection with it as well.



There is a group for everyone out there. If you want to get into building model homes with popsicle sticks, I’m sure there is a group for you. Same with woodworking and DIY. A quick Google search will bring up pages and pages of forums, meetup groups, classes, and places like American Workshop. We love the atmosphere at American Workshop because it is full of people from all walks of life and all skill levels. Joining a community of woodworkers gives you a place to get questions answered, help others, and share your accomplishments. It’s a great way to keep yourself engaged with a hobby like woodworking.


If you’re looking for a place to try out a new hobby like woodworking, I would encourage you to come in and check out American Workshop. Look around, ask us questions, and we’ll give you some good ideas on how to get started. We would love to see you around the shop!