Do you ever feel that some people have more hours in their day than you? You just sit back and wonder how they do it all. Jen Woodhouse is one of those people. Not only is she an accomplished singer/songwriter, but she is also runs the DIY blog “The House of Wood”. Her work has been featured in Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, and more. She also works with many major brands including Home Depot and Minwax as well as speaks at some of the biggest blogging conferences in the country like the Haven Conference and the Snap Conference.

I wanted to find out how Jen works. I wanted to know if she had a time slowing machine (SPOILER ALERT: she doesn’t). It turns out she is just very organized, and once you see the picture of her tool wall (which I am jealous of), you’ll see what I mean. ENJOY!


Name: Jen Woodhouse

Location: We move around every few years because of the Army, but call Nashville, TN home

Current Role/Occupation: Mother, wife, DIYer, worship leader

What Is in Your Workspace/Shop:
My beloved tool collection and massive 4×8 workbench that I built


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How Did You Get Started:
When I was pregnant with my first child, my nesting instinct went into overdrive and in addition to organizing and getting the house ready for baby, I picked up my first power tool and started building furniture!

What Is Your Favorite Tool:
Ridgid cast iron table saw

How Has Technology Changed The Way You Work:
Being a military family, we move around quite a bit, so being able to work from any location is paramount. The internet has made this possible.

What Was Your Favorite Project:
Usually my most recent project. The bed I built my daughter is a popular one.

What Is Your Favorite Material To Work With:
Wood of course!


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What Is Your First Step To Any Project:
Designing and drawing up a plan in Sketchup

What Is The Best Part About What You Do:
Not only is it a lot of fun, practical, and empowering, but being able to inspire my readers to pick up that scary power tool for the first time and build something is an incredible honor.

What Do You Listen To While Working:
K-Love radio station

What Are Your Thoughts about the “Maker Movement”:
I love it! I’m all for supporting small business and am inspired when I see artisans and artists able to provide their work and handmade goods that aren’t typically sold in stores.

Any Advice For Other Makers:
Just do it. I usually approach every project with some level of fear and apprehension, but I do it anyway. I do it afraid and am always glad that I did.


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