The Lego craze has hit our house. I thought we would maybe miss it because my boys just didn’t seem interested. That is until they discovered that all their favorite superheroes were Lego characters as well. And so the building was on. I love the fact that my boys will work together and build whatever they want, it’s great for their imagination. The only problem was that the first step to any creations was dumping the bucket of Legos all over the ground. They would do a decent job of picking them up, but whatever pieces they would miss, I would find after turning the lights off in bare feet. Did you know Lego pieces can make you bleed?

A while back, my wife found a table that she thought would make a perfect Lego table. When we got it though, none of the boys cared for Legos, so instead we used it for its original purpose, an end table. But now that Legos are everywhere, we decided it would be a great time to finally convert that table into its new purpose.


First we had to take the original finish off the table. This was done using a simple orbital sander outside. Don’t have an orbital sander? I know a place where you can go to use one! The hardest part was pressing hard enough to take the finish off, but not gouging the original wood.


Once the original finish was off, we wiped the table down with a wet wash cloth to make sure all the dust was off of it. That’s a crucial step because if you put the finish on before getting all the dust off, the paint will usually flake off and then your project will look bad. Your friends will probably make fun of you.

After the table was wiped down and dried off, we sprayed a primer coat on the table. And once that was dry, we brushed on the first coat of paint on to the table. For this table we went with a satin latex. When applying any sort of finish, it’s important to make sure you spread the paint evenly across the project.


While the paint dried, we inserted new liners in the drawer and then attached new handles to the table.




Like most projects though, we ran into a small problem. The original handles on the side were 3.5 inches long and the new handles were only 3 inches long. So we had to create new holes, which turned out alright because the new handles had a long base piece which covered the existing holes nicely.



One the new handles were on, it was time to attach the Lego base plates.


We had to use two bases because the table was too wide for just one. We also had to cut them in order to get them the shape that we wanted. All we needed were some industrial scissors that can be found at American Workshop (imagine that!). Once the pieces were cut it was time to super glue them to the table. Not much super glue is needed, but we wanted to make sure to get the edges glue down for sure.

The end result:



And it was an INSTANT hit!