I am about to possibly shock some of you. You may want to dial 9-1- just in preparation for what might happen after you read this shocking announcement. Are you ready?

We sometimes make mistakes.

I’ll give you a minute to collect your thoughts. I know you weren’t expecting such disappointing news.

Let me back up a minute. I was building a simple step stool. I cut everything out a couple days ago, but when I went to assemble it, I realized that I forgot to cut two pieces. So, I ran back into the shop and cut the pieces quickly. Now, I have plans for this step stool. No matter how experienced you are, it’s always a good idea to have at least a rough sketch up. In my case, I had a very nice sketch up. Everything was laid out and explained. But a sketch up is only good if you take the time to follow it. Which I did not.

I saw pieces, I thought I knew where they went…and I was wrong. After drill pocket screw holes, and assembling the pieces, I realized that I had screwed up.


The thoughts start going through your head. Is there anyway I can salvage this? If I cut this part off will that screw up the rest? Unfortunately, there was no way of fixing it without wrecking the rest of the project. So instead of displaying the finished project on here for your enjoyment, you get to see what happens when you screw up a project so badly that it can’t be fixed.