David Picciuto (formerly known as The Drunken Woodworker) is one of the most entertaining people (or is it person?) on YouTube and quite possibly one of the busiest. Not only does he produce his own woodworking videos, he also hosts an online show called Makers & Shakers. And if that’s not enough, he hosts a podcast called Making It along with Jimmy Diresta and Bob Clagett. Oh and he just wrote a book! I honestly feel lazy while I write all of his accomplishments.

I thought David would be a fantastic person to kick off our series The Makers, so I asked him a couple questions about how he goes about doing what he does. To watch his videos and see everything he has for sale, make sure to check out his website at: www.MakeSomething.tv


Name: David Picciuto

Location: Beautiful Toledo, OH

Current Role/Occupation: YouTuber, Blogger, Maker, Thinker

What Is in Your Workspace/Shop:
I’ve dedicated half of my basement to my workshop. Or as I like to call it, my studio. I’ve been lucky enough to acquire a decent set of tools with my favorites being my tablesaw, bandsaw, router table and CNC.

toolroomPhoto Courtesy of: MakeSomething.tv

How Did You Get Started:
I was a photographer long before I was a woodworker and I went to a local framing shop to get my photos ready for an art show. I was shocked by the cost of custom framing so I started buying tools to do it myself. I turned to YouTube for inspiration and learning.

What Is Your Favorite Tool:
My computer. Every project starts on my computer.

How Has Technology Changed The Way You Work:
I now own a CNC router and a laser engraver which is a pretty new idea to have these tools in a workshop. This allows me to extend my artistic and graphic design background to woodworking.

What Was Your Favorite Project:
Whatever project is currently on my bench.

What Is Your Favorite Material To Work With:
Walnut. It’s so beautiful. It’s easy on the eyes and the saw blades.

Photo Courtesy of: MakeSomething.tv

What Is Your First Step To Any Project:
Let it simmer in my head for a couple of weeks. Diving into a project too quickly results in “wish I would have done..” thoughts later on.

What Is The Best Part About What You Do:
The interaction with my viewers and readers. I feed off of that feedback.

What Do You Listen To While Working:
Usually nothing.

What Are Your Thoughts about the “Maker Movement”:
A lot of people don’t like the term “maker movement” because they respond to that by saying previous generations were full of makers. While that is true, they did it out of necessity. I feel the “maker movement” does it for fun. For the love of exploring.

Any Advice For Other Makers:
Yes, get off the computer and make something with your hands. Today!



The Makers is a series that interviews DIYers, Makers, Woodworkers, and all around cool people and asks them how they work. Every other Tuesday we will have a new Maker interview for your enjoyment and if you have someone in mind of who we should interview, email me at: sam.watts@americanworkshop.com