One of the best parts of American Workshop is seeing finished projects. The whole process of woodworking can be very satisfying, but there is nothing like that feeling when you see your completed project for the first time. We see a lot of projects at our shop, and get just as excited as the builder when it’s nearing completion.

When Raj came to American Workshop, he already had some woodworking skills. All he needed really was a little advice and some tools. With a little advice from Steve, Raj was able to finish his shoe rack…and turned out wonderfully. Raj was also kind enough to send pictures of his completed project along with a very nice note.


“I am an woodworker with intermediate skills and have been interested in getting involved in DIY projects.   Couple of things held me back – discretionary time and lack of tools.  I learnt about your place and gave it a try starting this July and I am glad I did.  One of the ways I thought I will learn and enjoy was to take a project to completion.  The one-to-one training and signing up for hours of use of equipment has been very helpful.  I want to thank Debbie at the front desk and cannot say enough about Steve who patiently helped me and continues to help on my one-to-one sessions.   I want to share with you a completed project- a shoe rack with a shelf and oak top for our mud room.

Thank you for making your workshop available to people like me”

– Raj 


RajShoeHolder1 RajShoeHolder3


If you have pictures of projects you completed at American Workshop, please send them in. We’d love to see them and show them off!