Yes American Workshop is an open-to-the-public workshop first and foremost. We love having people come in and use our equipment and build projects both big and small. THAT is the reason we started this shop.

But, we also offer classes as I’m sure many of you know. Our classes began as small 1 – 2 day courses teaching the basics of woodworking. Over time though, new classes have formed and about 2 years ago we began a class called General Construction Trades Course (GCTC). It’s a four week course that teaches how the construction industry works and what each segment of the construction trades does. We cover drywall, framing, electrical, and much more. If you want to learn more about this course, head over to our TRADES page.

Our GCTC program is was designed to get a job in the construction field, and we take that very seriously. We take is so seriously, that we have a career fair during the course, so that students can talk to companies looking for employees. So far, everyone that has completed our GCTC course has been offered a job.

Like I said before, we are proud to be an open-to-the-public shop. But if we can teach someone how to not only get a job but a career; well, we’re pretty proud of that too.