Jeff Burow is not a professional woodworker. But it’s hard to believe that he started woodworking only 15 months ago. He has created more pieces and projects than anyone else in American Workshop history.

For most of his life he was a project manager for the implementation of software systems. But after he retired, he needed a new hobby to occupy his time. Then one day, he came across a deal in the Star Tribune for the American Workshop Woodworking 101 class. He signed up for the class and found out the he really enjoyed woodworking and wanted to continue with the craft.

After spending a couple days in the shop, Jeff noticed the lathes and soon was taking private lessons from Michael to learn everything he could about woodturning.

“Having always been interested in making bowls, I signed up for classes on turning bowls and was hooked!” Jeff said, “I decided it was going to be my best new hobby.”

One reason the Jeff said on why he has been able to continue and thrive with his new hobby is because the floor techs and instructors at American Workshop are always available to help should a problem arise. If a bowl or pen wasn’t coming out right, Jeff could talk to any floor tech and get ideas and tips on how to complete the project. And if Jeff needed another piece of equipment to finish his projects, the other machines in the shop were alway readily available.

For the past year, Jeff has been a staple at American Workshop and on the lathe. He has gone from taking classes on woodturning, to actually teaching some private lessons to fellow woodworkers. Everyone that uses the shop for more than a day gets to know Jeff and he is more than happy to talk to them about woodworking projects. But when asked what his favorite project was he couldn’t come up with one. Instead he said, “The exciting ┬ápart is to see how the project appears when finished. Different woods have a whole range of colors and grain patterns. It all gives me a lot of satisfaction.”