We have always had a business plan for American Workshop.

The business plan we wrote down when we started 5 years ago does not read anything like the business looks today though. We had some ideas written down, and some rough sketches of how the shop should be organized.. We had no organizational chart, no milestone projections, and honestly, no clue where we would be in 5 years. We didn’t know what our future should even look like. We had nothing or no one to gauge ourselves with. We couldn’t look at the open-to-the-public workshop down the street and compare ourselves, because there wasn’t one.

But we knew we had a great idea.

We thought we had everything figured out in the months leading up to our opening. We had the right classes scheduled, we had our target demographics in our mind, and we had the tools laid out in the perfect spots. And we were completely wrong!

What we thought would be our target demographic was off. The classes we thought would be popular flopped, and the tools were not only in the wrong spots, but we didn’t even have some of the right tools. So in the past 5 years we have rearranged, built, painted, sold, tore down and modified almost everything at American Workshop. Our goal is to have the best open-to-the-public workshop in America. I would say the World but our name only permits us to our borders.  

After 5 years, we feel like we are close(er) to having the perfect workshop. We will always be evolving, that’s what the maker movement is all about. Always pushing yourself to try new things, always improving. Taking something that already exists and expanding on it and making it better. We are extremely pleased with the direction the shop is headed and feel that the physical shop location is running according to plan. Like I said earlier, there are always ways to improve, but those ways are getting fewer and fewer. So we decided to focus our attention on the online community.

AmericanWorkshop.com has always been a great resource to learn about our shop. It looks nice, the class schedule is on there, and it provides basic contact information. In other words, it’s a typical corporate website. We want it to be more than that. American Workshop the store has a very creative atmosphere. We want AmericanWorkshop.com to create the same type of atmospere online. We want anyone to go to AmericanWorkshop.com and be inspired to create their own projects.

How are we going to do this?

Instead of a corporate style website, we are going to change to a more blog/post style format. Our posts will cover a wide variety of topics such as: DIY Tips, Project How-Tos, Interviews with fellow DIYers, and much more. We will also be producing more video and media content to compliment the posts on AmericanWorkshop.com. We will look to fellow DIY experts and find out their tips and methods as well as showcase projects coming out of American Workshop.

Our goal with the new AmericanWorkshop.com is to be an online resourse for everything Do It Yourself. We will create valuable content that will hopefully inspire and help you with all your DIY projects. Just because you do it yourself, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. The physical American Workshop location will be there to help with whatever steps necessary. 

We are excited about the direction of American Workshop. We feel that the new AmericanWorkshop.com will only compliment the physical store location even more than it does now. In the future, we hope to have a wide network of American Workshop locations for anyone to come in and work on projects they saw on AmericanWorkshop.com.

We hope that you’re ready to take this next step with us!

– Sam and Tim